Job vacancies

Working at the MFEA

Any job vacancy at the MFEA (all careers) is published on the website. Individuals with an interest in working for the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA) are therefore invited to check the website regularly, where they will be guided through the application submission procedure.
The job offers on Govjobs are all posted in French only.

In terms of recruitment, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs does not consider unsolicited applications.

Any information requests relating to current ministry recruitment can be sent to

Diplomatic entrance exam

Each year the MFEA organises a multi-stage entrance exam to recruit candidates interested in a career in the Luxembourg diplomatic corps.

The acceptance criteria for the diplomatic entrance exam are as follows:

  • To have passed the general section of the national competitive exam for a career in the higher echelons of government (career A1)
  • To be the holder of a qualification awarded by a higher education establishment certifying the successful completion of a Masters (or equivalent)
  • To hold Luxembourg nationality
Becoming involved in development cooperation

Individuals wishing to become involved in development cooperation are invited to consult the direcorate of development cooperation's website: How to become involved in cooperation? where the calls for application are to be found.

Electoral observation missions

Recognising that democratic elections are the basis of any legitimate government, the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs takes part in electoral observation missions organised by the European Union, as well as by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

Interested candidates are invited to direct their request for information, electronically, at

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