The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs'duties are defined by the Grand-Ducal decree creating the ministries.

I. The responsibilities that fall within the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs' remit

  1. International relations – Coordination between ministerial departments in the field of international relations – Foreign and security policy – Peacekeeping operations – International cultural relations – International organisations and conferences – International treaties and agreements – Administration and general coordination of the Ministry – Diplomatic and consular service: passports, visas and legalisations – Government protocol;
  2. European policy – Coordination of European policy between ministerial departments – Comité interministériel de coordination de la politique européenne (Inter-ministerial committee for European policy coordination) (CICPE);
  3. International economic relations – Multilateral economic organisations – International commercial policy – Promoting Luxembourg's image abroad;
  4. Seat/headquarters of European institutions and bodies – Headquarters hosting policy – Comité de Coordination pour l'Installation d'Institutions et d'Organismes européens (Coordinating Committee for the setting-up of European institutions and bodies).

II. The responsibilities that fall within the remit of the Minister for Cooperation and Humanitarian Action

Development cooperation and humanitarian action policy – Management of project agents and bilateral programmes – Relations with non-governmental organisations – Relations with multilateral development and humanitarian action organisations – Inter-ministerial committee for development cooperation.

III. The responsibilities that fall within the remit of the Minister for Defence

Army: National territorial defence –  Disaster relief – Involvement in mutual defence within international organisations – Participation in crisis management operations and humanitarian relief missions – Retraining of volunteer soldiers – Military jurisdictions – Military orders - Veterans – Relations with allied and partner military authorities – Military sports

IV. The responsibilities that fall within the remit of the Minister for Immigration and Asylum

National, European and international immigration and asylum policy – Free movement of persons and immigration: Entry and residence of foreign nationals – International protection and temporary protection – Return of immigrants in irregular situations – Retention centre – Recognition of statelessness – Travel documents for foreign nationals – Relations with international and non-governmental organisations.

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