Directorate of defence

Defence is an integral part of Luxembourg's foreign policy. This is evident both within the Atlantic Alliance and the European Union's security and defence policy, which complement one another.

In deploying military personnel in NATO, European Union and United Nations Organisation (UNO) missions, Luxembourg plays an active part in protecting and defending Europe's security interests, thereby demonstrating its solidarity with its allies and partners by bearing an appropriate share of the burden of the international commitments and risks incurred.

The Directorate of Defence coordinates and implements Luxembourg's defence policy. It prepares and oversees the national and international meetings attended by the Ministry of Defence.

The Directorate of Defence defines the regulatory framework and supervises the Luxembourg Army's foreign operational commitments from a political and military standpoint.

 The Directorate of Defence is also responsible for developing military capabilities and assets, and identifying the investments required to diversify Luxembourg's defence effort.

At a national level, the Directorate of Defence, exercising oversight authority over the armed forces, is responsible for the army's legislative, regulatory and budgetary management. It is therefore also responsible for recruiting young people wishing to enlist as volunteer soldiers in the Luxembourg army.

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