Reservation of the VIP lounge

Reservation request for the VIP lounge at Luxembourg-Findel airport

The Directorate of Protocol and the Chancellery is in charge of reservations of the VIP lounge and is the point of contact for requests to carry firearms and for frequencies.

Who may make the request?

 The VIP lounge is made available free of charge to the chief of mission accredited to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and his family, upon his arrival in post and when leaving for the last time, and also when welcoming or bidding farewell to a member of his government or the Head of State invited by the Luxembourg government. The VIP lounge is not open for heads of mission’s private travel.

The heads of European institutions and international organisations in Luxembourg do not have access to the VIP lounge except in exceptional circumstances, for example an official visit.

The VIP lounge is made available free of charge to the Minister or Secretary of State heading a delegation to meetings of the Cabinet held at the Kirchberg European Centre during April, June and October.


Diplomatic missions, international organisations and European institutions will submit requests to reserve the VIP lounge by logging onto the online protocol services website ( at least 2 working days before the desired date of access. The Directorate of Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs will validate the online request and be responsible for reserving the airport VIP lounge.

 Any amendment or cancellation of the use of the VIP lounge is to be made online only.

 In the event of armed security agents being present on the aircraft, their particulars must be notified using the online VIP lounge reservation request form in the place provided.

 More detailed information on the use of the online protocol services can be downloaded here (in French).

 Any questions can be sent by e-mail to with the subject line “online protocol services”.

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