Visits by foreign VIPs

Numerous foreign dignitaries visit the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for bilateral visits, be they state visits, or official, working or courtesy visits, or to attend international conferences and seminars.

Protocol and logistical organisation

The Directorate of Protocol is responsible for the protocol and logistical organisation of these events, in particular when they involve interviews between these VIPs and His Royal Highness the Grand Duke, the Prime Minister, the Minister for Foreign and European Affairs and with other members of the government as well. 

To ensure that the welcome extended to foreign dignitaries is as it should be, the Directorate of Protocol must be the first and primary point of contact with the ministries and diplomatic missions in preparing and organising these visits. Its assumption of responsibility for visitors includes scheduling appointments with Luxembourg VIPs, drawing up the visit programme and the logistical and practical arrangements that such a visit entails.

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