Management of the consular corps

The Directorate of Protocol and the Chancellery is responsible for management of Luxembourg's consular corps abroad, that of the foreign consular corps in Luxembourg, as well as management of Luxembourg's foreign trade advisers abroad.

Consular corps

Luxembourg's consular corps abroad

Luxembourg's consular corps abroad currently comprises a network of more than 150 honorary consuls, including 8 honorary consuls general. This network is reinforced by six consuls general as well as our embassies’ consular sections.

Foreign consular corps in Luxembourg

The foreign consular corps in Luxembourg currently comprises:

  • 1 consul general;
  • 2  ambassadors also  performing the role of consul general;
  • 1 consul;
  • 11  honorary consuls general;
  • 56  honorary consuls;
  • 5 career consuls accredited to Luxembourg residing in Brussels.

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