Directorate of protocol and chancellery

The Directorate of Protocol and Chancellery at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs provides the protocol service for the government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Among its many and varied tasks, organising visits by foreign dignitaries and supervising official ceremonies are probably the most visible. In this context it is responsible among other things for logistics matters such as reserving the VIP lounge at Luxembourg airport and requests to carry firearms and for frequencies.

As the first point of contact for diplomatic missions accredited to Luxembourg, the Directorate of Protocol and Chancellery is responsible in particular for the accreditation of ambassadors.

It also looks after the administrative management of the diplomatic corps, European institutions and international organisations. As such, the Directorate of Protocol manages requests for diplomatic identity and legitimation cards, as well as notifications of changes concerning these cardholders' place of residence, marital status, termination of duties and cancellation of title.

The Directorate of Protocol and Chancellery is also responsible for management of the consular corps (honorary and career) in Luxembourg, as it is for the Luxembourg consular corps abroad.

Finally, the Directorate of Protocol and Chancellery is responsible for sending legal and official documents from the Luxembourg authorities abroad, and receives the same types of documents from foreign authorities on behalf of the Luxembourg State.

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