Statement by Minister Asselborn on the interview of 2 March 2022 on Radio 100,7

Before my interview this morning on the radio station 100,7, I had just heard the description by the mayor of Kharkiv of the dramatic situation in his city. He said that Putin's troops were completely destroying Kharkiv, even a hospital had been bombed, many, many civilians had lost their lives in the street fights and more were certain to follow.

My reaction to the question whether a "solution” could be found was that the war in Ukraine can only be halted if the actions of Putin can be stopped. I can see no other way. The two words "physically eliminate” slipped my tongue. I know that a Foreign Minister should never use such words.

Even after 18 years as a Foreign Minister, I am not able to suppress my emotions and my sense of justice, in the face of such immeasurable human suffering born by innocent people.

This was a mistake, but also an outlet valve, in an attempt to cope with the situation. I accept the criticism, it is valid. I will not bury my head in the sand. 

Press release by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

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