Report on the government's European policy

The thirteenth edition of the annual report on the government's European policy has recently been adopted by the government.

The drafting of this report is part of the memorandum between the Luxembourgish Chamber of Deputies and the government on their cooperation with regards to European policy.

The goal of this exercise is to give an accessible overview to the public of the files that were on the European agenda over the course of the year that are of particular importance to Luxembourg.

The report on Luxembourg's European policy is divided in three major parts and covers files that marked the year 2019.

Over the course of the year, Luxembourg has continued to work in a spirit of cooperation, which is the essence of the European Union, across all levels. Luxembourg has therefore made the case, throughout the entire year, for an ambitious EU budget that follows the priorities set in the strategic programme of 2019. Luxembourg has shown determination on all issues that are at the core of our European policy, with the protection of European values and the rule of law at the front and centre.

The report also shows how these commitments have been voiced in the different institutions within which European policy is formulated and implemented. It also shows Luxembourg's efforts to maintain a European Union that is strong and shows solidarity.

The first chapter illustrates the sectorial policies of the European Union and lays out the core files discussed within the main Council configurations: General Affairs, Economic and Financial Affairs, Justice and Home Affairs; Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs; Competitiveness; Transport, Telecommunications and Energy; Agriculture; Environment; and Education, Youth, Culture and Sport.

The second chapter outlines the coordination of European policy at a national level as well as the communication that has been done with regards to European policy throughout 2019. In particular, the coordination is done via the Inter-ministerial Committee on the Coordination of European policy (Comité interministériel de coordination de la politique européenne - CICPE), which is steered by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

The third chapter gives an overview of the transposition of EU Directives and the implementation of EU law.


Press release by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

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